Admin Router Login is a private, non-routable IP address. It is one of the prevailing manufactures’ choices, used as a default IP address, set right in the factory. Some of the manufacturers using this IP as a default are SMC, Belkin, and others. (However, being a default doesn’t make it unchangeable – a customer can modify this according to his own choice and with the assistance of a qualified administrator. Also, if you intend to make any custom changes, leave it to professionals because certain changes might affect other computers within a network).

Here the word “private” means that the IP address is used in private (home or office) networking and outside the Internet (that does not mean that home or office networks are not connected to the Internet  – it only means that they are not its part.)

The purpose of this IP address is basically the same as that of any other private IP. For all of them, speaking of usefulness, the main characteristics would certainly be the ability of repeated use and all the benefits related to networking. is the home page of a few broadband routers.
As we all know, when using any private address, it is crucial to make sure that only one network device uses the default IP. is regarded as one of the best for this purpose (and for all mentioned above) because of its wide appliance, both in regular and operational networking and in broadband routers as well. is commonly used in establishing a default gateway.
But like with all the other things, you may experience a problem and need some help.

So here is the info to start with: If you want to make some custom changes, first you will have to visit http:// Then enter what is asked from you (user name and password), and after that, there should be no problems to prevent you from making changes. However, it a problem does occur, then you should go to My Network Places, then find LAN and click Properties; then click TCP/IP and Properties. (Here you are given a choice whether to assign an IP automatically or by yourself).

For the Subnet mask type and for the default gateway choose

Now, about the routers. As we have mentioned, the is the Belkin router default IP. If you are experiencing problems with getting to the default address, the first thing to try is to make sure that the IP is correct. Turn off the firewalls. Then reset and start the installation.

If you forget a router password or have any other problem related to passwords, simply go to the password list and find what you need.
If you still keep encountering the problems, you should not be surprised, since plenty of knowledge remains a privilege of  IT professionals, so maybe it will be easier for you to call one – if you are trying something for the first time, you could do something wrong which could affect your entire network).