Logitech Connection Utility 2.30.9

Logitech Connection Utility is intended for use in Windows.  If you have a Logitech G900 wired/wireless device, you probably know that when you switch between wired and wireless mode, it may lose its connection. However, using specialized software solutions such as the Logitech Connection can help you get around this awkward situation. Please note that … Read more

Mouse Jiggler for Windows – Download

Mouse Jiggler is a small program with which you can simulate the movement of the mouse so that your screensaver does not turn on and your system is not in hibernation mode. Mouse Jiggler is an interesting app with which you can avoid, for example, frequent switching on and off of the screensaver. The program … Read more

Inskam App Download

Inskam App download Download and install the “Smart Camera” software from the link below. Connect the device to a computer, the indicator is lit and then launch Smart Camera. Switch and select the camera “inskam3XX” in the app by clicking the device option in Setup, then use it. Download for windows inskam app for android … Read more

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Download for Windows

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Download for Windows 7/8/10, 32 & 64-bit Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a professional program for processing and creating images. On this topic, we will mention a few of the most elementary functions of Adobe Photoshop, which would be useful for everyone, because no one will be able to do it. Adobe … Read more

Slimjet Final

Slimjet is a web browser based on the Blink engine developed in Chromium, on which Google Chrome is based, so you’ll find a utility almost identical to Google’s tool, with several additional features added to help you slow downloading, reduce the time it takes to find a website, and increase your productivity in a convenient … Read more