h2testw downloadH2testw is an app that allows the user to check USB drives and SD cards for reading and write errors. You can measure the degree of damage inflicted on partially broken/damaged USB devices by filling all the free space.

Another use can be observed when you unknowingly have a fake USB on which the data can only be written or read. It writes and then reads data to thoroughly check both operations to inform the user of errors and speed. There are two ways to fill in the data. You can choose to fill the entire available space or specify the size in MB that needs to be filled in for verification purposes.

Using the H2testw is easy and clear. After inserting a USB or SD card, launch the application and select the device by clicking Select Destination. Now select the options to fill in the data. It is recommended to save data to fill all the free space to look for depth errors.

Scan external devices for fake capacity

H2testw is a good and free testing tool that helps you determine if your storage devices are working properly. If you have just purchased a new storage device or if you want to make sure that your existing devices work smoothly, then you will want to test their performance and see the test results.

Scan your storage devices

H2testw has one main goal, which is to create in-depth tests on your storage devices. You can choose to scan all your storage devices from scratch or choose the exact amount of data you want to scan. It helps you create in-depth scans of your storage devices, regardless of your device type.


H2testw is a small and lightweight app that helps you scan your storage devices and receive reports.

Category Windows
License Free
Latest Version: v.1.4
Size: 213 КB
Filename: h2testw_1.4.zip
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