How To Reset Dell Laptop

How To Reset a Dell Laptop to Factory Settings

In this article, I will explain to you step by step how to how to reset your dell laptop to its factory settings. The factory reset of the laptop will restore its settings as they were when it was originally launched. So, if you are going to reset your Dell laptop, it is advisable to back up your information first, because resetting will erase everything from your hard drive.

Reset your laptop with Windows 10 to factory settings
Follow these steps and you can restore the factory settings of Windows 10 from the login screen:

1. From the login screen, click the power icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click Restart.

2. The computer will restart and the troubleshooting options screen will appear in front of you. Select the Troubleshooting option.

Reset Dell Laptop

3. You will then see the options to reset or upgrade your computer. select the Reset your computer option.

4. Click Next. The system will reboot and start preparing for a complete reset of your computer.

5. An option to save your files or delete them will appear on the reset screen on your computer. Make your selection and press Reset.

That is all.