How To Type An Em Dash

How To Type An Em Dash?

Word allows you to enter em dash (longer dash) just by typing two hyphens in one line. Word senses this when you finish the word after the hyphen, and then replace it with a hyphen. However, if this capability is turned off, you might be wondering how to get hyphens in your documents. There are three ways you can do this:

Press Ctrl + Alt + Minus (on the numeric keypad)
Hold down the Alt key when you type 0151 on the numeric keypad.
Select Symbols from the Insert menu, then select Dashboard from the Special Characters tab.

Create Em Dash in Word

Windows users can easily create em dashes if they use Word: just type two hyphens between two words, as I explained above.

But outside of Word, the story is different: You have to use a four-digit alt code. You will need a keyboard with a number board for this – the number block to the right of the arrow keys:

How To Type An Em Dash?

Laptops without a physical number pad can sometimes use the “Fn” key and some letter keys instead of the numeric keypad – look for your keyboard for blue numbers. Because of that lack, you might be out of luck.

To make you run, first, place the cursor where you like and hold the “Alt” key. Now you need to type the four-digit code: 0150 for an en dash (-) or 0151 for the em dash (-).

How can you type em dashes on a Mac?

The Apple OS operating system is equipped with several keyboard shortcuts which make typing them very easy.

To make the em dash, hold Shift + Option keys and press the Minus button. To make an en dash, hold down the Option and press Minus key.

How to type an Em-Dash on a PC

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