Ludo STAR APK for Android

Ludo Star Apk is an amazing gaming app that you can use to have fun. If you love games, I’m sure you’ll love the LudoStar app.
What is LudoStar?
Most users of Android devices like to play Android games. Especially on many of the latest Android devices, some Android games are already installed, while other games need to be downloaded externally. Speaking of LudoStar, this is one of the most popular gaming apps.

The LudoStar app has become very popular in the last days of quarantine among all fans of Android device games in the world due to its amazing nature!

Ludo Star GameAbout the game Ludo Star

There are different types of mobile games that have attracted many mobile game lovers. Among them, Ludo Star has gained great popularity due to its simple nature to play the game. To play the Ludo Star game, you will need two friends to play it with. However, you can have up to 4 players in one game and a certain color will show each player. There are four color indicators for players: blue, red, yellow, and green, and players receive a random color.

What makes LudoStar an interesting game?
Compared to other mobile games prevalent on the web, LudoStar has many interesting features that attract many fans of Android games. Let’s take a look at some great features to get a quick overview of the entire app!

LudoStar is an absolutely free app that you can download without paying anything. With the app, you can send invitations to your Facebook friends to come and play LudoStar with you!

Ludo Star Apk File Information

Category Apps
Latest Version: v1.82.1
License Free
Size: 41.85 MB
Filename: ludo.star_v1.82.1-50_Android.apk
Last Updated 1 day ago

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Ludo Star Apk 1.82.1