YouTube Pink for Android

youtube pink apk downloadDescription of YouTube Pink

Youtube Pink APK is a modified version of the YouTube stock app that is not available in the Google Play Store for download. You can only download the YouTube Pink app from the link below (at the end of the article).

YouTube Pink App Features

The default YouTube app, which is pre-installed on an Android phone, is limited by features.

This does not give you a full media experience. You cannot control the volume and brightness of the app directly like other media player apps.

In addition, it does not allow you to remove ads, does not play videos if you minimize it, etc. But fortunately, the YouTube Pink APK is an app that was created to add some more missing features over the share app.

Below are the features available in the You Tube Pink app:

  • Pink theme (if this is your favorite color)
  • You can minimize the app while playing the video
  • You can repeat a video to play it over and over again (not available in the YouTube stock app)
  • Built-in dark theme
  • Plays the YouTube video in PiP mode (You can now watch a video while talking to someone or using another app, etc.)
  • Slider configuration to control the brightness of the video screen
  • The You Tube Pink app can be configured to have a double touch to sleep
  • You can change the country to watch restricted videos
  • It removes all ads from YouTube videos
  • Block all ads Forced
  • Background playback
  • VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa
  • Themes (black, dark, white)
  • PiP – Picture in Picture mode (Oreo and above only)
  • Automatic repeat function
  • Preferred speed and resolution
Category Apps
License Free
Latest Version: v.13.46.51
Size: 62.50 MB
Filename: YouTubepink-13.46.51.apk
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